Before this one crumbles to ash.

These were the words Ayta was raised by, and she came to believe them.

Tales When I Had A Face is a modern illustrated fairytale about death, loss, and finding redemption in the strangest places. After years of work, our Kickstarter is now, officially… live. I am very excited about…

For Tales From When I had A Face, Kickstarter September 2021

“A modern fairy-tale about death, loss, and finding redemption in the strangest places, for those of us still haunted by the uncertain, occult logic of dreams.”

This is a walkthrough of my art process, working on this illustrated novel 7 years in the making.

Please forgive the not-so-pro production…

Aside from occasional walks in the neighborhood, I haven’t left the apartment in over a year now. Yes, I’ve kept at my creative work, more or less, but that’s still left me with a lot of time to kill as I’ve tried to keep alive. …

I want to talk a bit about something personal that has an outsized effect on my life and work, something that affects quite a lot of people: chronic pain, and opiates.

I normally only write about this topic tangentially online, "another high pain day" or "no spoons left today" posts…

Reflections on the death of an artist

Book available now from Intellect Books / University of Chicago.

All visible objects, man, are but as pasteboard masks. But in each event — in the living act, the undoubted deed — there, some unknown but still reasoning thing puts forth the mouldings of its features from behind the unreasoning…

An excerpt from Party At The World’s End, published 2014

Party At The World’s End is a part of the Fallen Cycle universe, available now on

The best lies are also true.

Gabriel De Leon

My ‘friend’ Bradley the Buyer once said to me, “If you want to get press attention, don’t write a good book. Blow up a mall.”

He was right, of course. Not that I blew up that mall. I wouldn’t have…

A New Angle on Bruce Lee’s Game of Death

In the time since his death, Bruce Lee’s legend has grown astronomically, adding his name to the pantheon of 60s and 70s superstars whose fame was in many ways sealed by their untimely demise. …

This 2019 interview was first published in MASKS: Bowie & Artists of Artifice.

Get inspired with Davide’s Starman Tarot.

James Curcio: Davide, in a 2017 Creative Boom article, you recounted the story of how you came to work with Bowie on, among other things, the liner art for Outside.

Far from this being a simple case of ‘record label client seeks designer’, the seeds of the collaboration were sown…

Bowie’s Occult Art, and the Enigma of the Monster

An excerpt from MASKS: Bowie & Artists of Artifice, available now.

J Curcio

A useful fiction: Fiction is philosophy. Philosophy is fiction.

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